March 15, 2018

Design Systems at Zendesk

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At Zendesk, our team of 30+ product designers work on 7 different products across 6 countries. Things can get messy! Thankfully, we have a team dedicated to one shared design system.


Allison Shaw

A Senior Product Designer. She loves learning about user and business needs, identifying unique opportunities, designing systems, and collaborating with product and engineering partners to craft the best possible experiences. More than anything, she’s passionate about making technology that works for people.

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Jonathan Zempel

Director of Engineering in the Creative team. That means he constructs the creations that Zendesk Creative concocts. He might try to convince you that water tastes better when swigged from an old whiskey bottle. But he usually keeps his 140 character thoughts to himself.

Austin Green

A Creative Engineer at Zendesk. He comes from a full-stack background, with a primary focus on modern front-end technologies. His primary experiences are with AngularJS, Angular (2+), and React, with working knowledge of .NET MVC, Node.js, and Java.

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