Kiersa Berg

What is your favorite kind of pen/pencil?

I love the feeling of a felt tip, so I’ve been using Le Pen by Marvy Uchida, but recently I started using Baron Fig’s Squire pen and it’s quickly becoming my favorite.

Do you listen to music while you work? What kind?

When I’m working I can only listen to songs I don’t know or else I’ll distract myself by singing along, so I do all of my new music discovery when I’m working. My queue is the best between 9 and 5, and it’s usually a mix of indie rock, r&b, and americana folk.

Boba - yes or no?


What do you do when you run out of creative energy?

Go on a walk. A long walk. A short walk. A walk where I daydream. A walk where I listen to a podcast. It’s a brain and body break. I’ve gotten some of my best ideas on walks!

What's been your proudest moment since joining Zendesk?

One of my proudest moments at Zendesk was presenting at my first Content Design critique. I was nervous at first, but my team was really encouraging of my work. They also gave me awesome feedback!

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